Working on the basis of bilateral agreements or agreements relating to export sales of submarines by DCNS, DCI’s Submarine department offers turnkey training courses for foreign navies. Courses are approved by the French Navy and certified by the French authorities. DCI also offers assistance and consultancy relating to submarine handling and operations.

Submarine training courses are intended for all or part of a crew or for specific functions within the team on watch.

They cover:
• safe handling and operation of the submarine and its installations;
• training for a watchstanding position;
• specific training for submarine combat.

Assistance and consultancy cover the full spectrum of activities at entry into service or during periods of maintenance:
• supply of a test crew;
• supply of test and work surveillance teams;
• supply of requalification training sessions for submarine operating teams following major maintenance.

Specific courses:
• officer of the watch;
• operations officer;
• Energy-Propulsion department head;
• combat system tactical coordinator;
• SONAR operators;
• EW (electronic warfare) operators.

Training takes place in France and/or in a foreign country at the facilities of the partner navy:
• classroom courses (theory);
• practical work on simulation benches/real or virtual tests;
• simulator-based training;
• on-the-job training using French Navy installations;
• onboard training on land and at sea, during pre-commissioning tests of the submarine by the customer navy.

– DCI is involved in a major cooperation programme with the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN). Under the SOUMALIS programme, DCI is providing assistance in the ab initio creation of a submarine force with the capacity to operate two Scorpene-type submarines. DCI is responsible for full military training of the Malaysian submariners. DCI was also involved in the creation and operation of a submariner and future submariner training school for the RMN on the Kota Kinabalu naval base in Malaysia.
– DCI has also been in charge of training the first two Indian crews for Scorpene submarines in Mumbai (India) since autumn 2015.

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