Special land forces training

DCI realizes training for Army Special Forces (Land, air, navy).

For land forces, courses cover everything from initial training to specialties such as INVEX (investigation/exfiltration), deep patrols or operational high-altitude parachuting.

Based on its 10 years of experience, DCI offers customised services adapted to the specific characteristics of the host country’s organisation and equipment.

The proposed training curriculum is as follows:
– a 16-week initial training session for personnel who have recently joined the Special Forces;
– an additional 6-week session for personnel who have successfully completed initial training and are earmarked for operational positions.

This session also provides orientation as a function of individual aptitudes and capacities;
– a series of sessions, of variable duration, for specialist training. These range from combat in confined spaces to counter-terrorism, as well as deep patrols or commando action behind enemy lines, with insertion by air transport or air drop;
– one-time training sessions (sniper, use of transmission systems, combat first aid…) are also available.