Drones for Land forces

DCI proposes a broad range of training courses in relation to remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). These respond to the needs of operators in the field as well as those of decision-makers seeking a better understanding of this emerging sector of activity.

In the land forces sector, DCI offers training in the operational utilisation of light tactical RPAs for reconnaissance, intelligence and target detection missions.

Training sessions last 4-8 weeks, depending on customer requirements. They are organised in partnership with the French Army’s Tactical RPA Training Centre in Chaumont.

DCI builds on the know-how acquired by the French Army during recent operations in Africa. Training focuses on piloting, intelligence gathering and the preparation of target lists. Following training in a tactical simulator (VBS3, Janus), techniques are applied in full-scale field exercises.

For two years, DCI has been training Qatari military personnel, thus helping to develop an RPA unit attached to a multi-sensor intelligence battalion.


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