Program management

Ensure proper execution of complex defence and security programmes.

DCI offers its program management expertise in the maritime, land-based, aeronautical, security, C4I, satellite and cyberdefence sectors to defence ministries of countries that are friendly with France.

DCI offers assistance over the entire duration of the programme:

1 – collecting operational requirements;

2 – preparing technical specifications on the basis of the defined operational requirements;

3 – consultancy on acquisition strategy, contractual negotiations, preparation of international calls for bids, analysis of industrial bids;

4 – oversight and supervision of programme implementation (risk and performance management);

5 – system qualification and management of acceptance procedures.

For example, as a military contractual operator, DCI assisted the defence ministry of an Asian country in the acquisition of a joint force operational centre equipped with a C4I system. DCI also ensured oversight of the installation work.