French Navy know-how

The primary mission of DCI’S naval component is to transfer the know-how of the French Navy to foreign naval forces that are friendly with France.

DCI staff comprises experts and naval personnel who are either in service or have recently left active service. They possess a broad range of competences supplemented among 30 friendly nations.

These teams can step in at any stage of a naval programme from the equipment sale through to the supply of specific operational training. Their competences cover the following areas: academic training, surface ships, submarines, naval aviation, maritime safety, military divers, special forces and mine warfare.

DCI offers a broad range of services:
academic trainings for officers;
• high-level trainings for officers;
• specialised trainings for senior and junior officers;
• equipment trainings for senior and junior officers;
• crew trainings;
• ship handling during sea trials;
• creation of a naval training centres;
• consultancy and technical support.

DCI-NAVFCO, transferring the French navy know-how
Naval component of DCI, DCI-NAVFCO’s main mission is to transfer french navy know-how to friendly foreign navies.

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