Platform, navy crew training

These courses are designed for personnel on board ships or on shore in maintenance and repair shops. They are also designed for headquarters staff involved in the deployed operational logistics chain.

The following training courses are offered:
• Engineering Head Of Department (Engdep);
• Engineering Head Of Division (Engdiv);
• Maintenance High Management;
• Logistics High Management;
• Logistics For Officers;
• Logistics For NCOs;
• Power Generation;
• Damage Control Intervention;
• Stability Course;
• NRBC Training.

This naval training in operational logistics is delivered by experts in their respective sectors. They employ modern teaching systems and simulators offering near-real conditions.

For example:
• the ENGDEP course is a 6-month high-level course designed for future officers at the head of the Platform department on a frigate or at staff level;
• the ENGDIV course is an approximately 3-month course designed for officers at the head of the Energy-Propulsion department (Engineers of the Watch) capable of serving on all types of warship.