Drones for Air forces

DCI offers training courses in the field of drones and mini drones whose spectrum fully covers the needs of land users and the needs of decision makers to enable them to better understand this emerging area of activity.

In the aviation sector, DCI offers training on mini drones for more generic uses (protection/monitoring of site, events or force).

These courses are taken as variable-term courses of four to eight weeks within DCI technical training centers: the International Training Center for land expertise in Draguignan and the International Aeronautics Training Center for aeronautical expertise in Salon-de-Provence.

The mini drones training courses cover planning, programming, implementation and management of platform, observation techniques, use of images, completion of a file of objectives and issues relating to the use of airspace.

DCI is also developing a training offer aimed at informing decision makers on the use of drones at the three levels of operations (tactical, operational and strategic): role and use of drones, constraints and limitations, 3D coordination, integration in operations.