Mine Warfare

DCI offers solutions to support the development of capabilities and competences in Mine Warfare. This comprehensive offer includes training and customised assistance and consultancy services, in France or abroad.

In France, training takes place at DCI’s International Centre for Military Diver Training (CIF-PM) near Toulon on the Mediterranean.

All Mine Warfare training is based on the know-how of the French armed forces.

Training covers:
• theoretical aspects of mine warfare and the equipment used;
• operational use of the available equipment in the sectors of competence of the French forces.

Training is primarily designed for military personnel from the following sectors:
• navy;
• coast guard;
• military divers;
• Special Forces divers.

Training takes place in France and/or the friendly country, depending on the available facilities. It includes
• classroom teaching;
• visits and on-the-job training ;
• use of specific equipment: unmanned surface and underwater vehicles, remote-controlled vehicles, sonars, simulators…;
• diving to depths up to 80 metres;
• handling munitions with explosives on land and under water;
• use of specific equipment: hyperbaric chamber, underwater tools, sonars…

Training modules:
Mine Warfare
– Mine laying,
– Mine countermeasures: mine hunting and dredging,
– Types of mines,
– Preventive protection countermeasures.
– Detection, classification and identification,
– Countermining and neutralization,
– Use of drones,
– Use of a towed sonar,
– Intervention in port area,
– Intervention by very shallow waters.
– Clearance diver,
– Intervention on improvised explosive device,
– Security inspection on suspicious device,
– Use of sonar for diver.
– Deployment director,
– Diving director,
– Hyperbaric nurse, doctor,
– Operator, decompression chamber maintenance.