Military operational maintenance and consultancy

The Land Forces department of DCI proposes consultancy, technical assistance and general or specific military training services in the tactical employment of land-based equipment and systems. This offer is complemented by operational maintenance training for the full range of Army weapons and equipment.

In France, this training takes place at French Army armaments schools or in DCI training centres. In other countries, training is organised directly in operational units and in the schools of the customer country’s armed forces. The following subjects are covered:

  • armoured vehicles (Leclerc battle tanks, VBCI, VAB, VBL, PVP…);
  • field artillery and mortars, remotely piloted aircraft, missiles (SATCP Mistral, Eryx and Milan);
  • engineering equipment (EFA mobile bridges, trench excavator, mine layer);
  • C4I (SIC – combined arms, SIR – regiments, Atlas – artillery);
  • order drafting process;
  • employment and support in specialised sectors (shooting, command, airmobile combat, mountainous terrain, amphibious operations, jungle, desert, commando, mine clearing and counter-IED operations…);
  • maintenance, repair and overhaul of military equipment.


Le 19 septembre 2010 sur la FOB TORA afghanistan, s'est deroule un tir d'entrainement CAESAR. Lors de ce tir les personnels du 68eme RAA ont pu tirer 15 obus de 155mm.