Military intelligence training

Military intelligence includes all the disciplines devoted to gathering, analysing and disseminating information for military units and decision-makers.

Military intelligence is divided into human intelligence (HUMINT) or technical intelligence – mainly imagery intelligence (IMINT) and electronic intelligence (ELINT). Intelligence activities are conducted at all levels (tactical, operational and strategic), whether in peacetime or wartime.

DCI’s ISR-Geo (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Geography) department offers military intelligence training covering these different sectors. Training, which is open to countries having defence and security cooperation agreements with France, is designed for specialists in military intelligence; in analysis of aerial and satellite images and image sequences; in target identification; and in cartography.

Training is delivered by specialised personnel from the French armed forces with solid operational experience.

DCI’s DCI-VIGIE AVIATION offering also proposes services dedicated to the use of light airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. These fly-by-the-hour services – based on high-performance, cost-effective solutions – cover both training in the use of airborne sensors and the supply of airborne surveillance capability.