Maritime security training and consulting

DCI proposes solutions to support the development of capabilities and competences in Maritime Safety. This comprehensive offer includes training and customised assistance and consultancy services, in France or abroad.

All Maritime Safety training courses are based on the know-how of the French armed forces and French professional specialists in the Law of the Sea.

Training covers:
• theoretical aspects of the Law of the Sea, stakeholders and associated resources.
• operational use of available resources according to the sectors of competence of the French armed forces and institutional stakeholders.

Maritime safety training is offered to numerous organisations, mainly from the military and institutional communities:
• Navy;
• Coast Guard;
• Police;
• Customs;
• Special Forces.

Training takes place in France and/or the friendly country and includes:
• classroom teaching;
• visits and on-the-job training;
• interventions on ships at sea;
• use of specific equipment.

Diving and Special Forces training is also available to develop the capabilities and competences of personnel involved in Maritime Safety.

Maritime security training by DCI
DCI through NAVFCO, the naval componant of DCI, provides generic maritime security courses for foreign navies. In this video, you can see a display of…

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