French Army and Gendarmerie : Military officer training

Transmit the know-how of the French Army and Gendarmerie to friendly foreign forces. This is the primary mission of DCI’s land forces division. The services offered have the “French Armed Forces” seal of approval and are customised to the needs of each nation.

DCI staff comprises military personnel and gendarmes who are either in service or have recently left active service. It also includes experts from the defence and homeland security sectors. Staff possess unique experience acquired since 1972 from more than 30 countries, from companies and international institutions.

DCI services range from consultancy to initial and specialised training, along with technical assistance and maintenance. Key capabilities are as follows:

  • academic training for officers and NCOs;
  • high-level training for senior officers;
  • specialised and operational training for officers and NCOs;
  • training in equipment operation and maintenance for officers, NCOs and unranked personnel;
  • homeland security training;
  • creation of land force and helicopter crew operational training centres;
  • consultancy and technical support.