Homeland security training and consultancy

In the light of new threats in the security-defence continuum, DCI experts are available to perform audits and structured military training in matters of homeland security.

Since 2004, DCI’s competences have included transfer of know-how of the French gendarmerie. Military training covering the full range of safety and security missions can be arranged in France or abroad:

  • counter-terrorism (GIGN-type intervention);
  • VIP protection (GIGN-type);
  • shooting (assault weapon, sniper rifle, automatic pistol);
  • driving a vehicle in a hostile environment;
  • military police (provost duties);
  • security, policing, restoring order;
  • road safety (improving road safety, road accident and traffic flow management, use of motorcycle units);
  • police dog teams (training of dogs and dog handlers, searching for drugs, people, explosives, etc.)
  • forensics;
  • rendering booby traps safe during assault and forced entry;
  • sensitive site security and protection (nuclear powerplants, barracks, government buildings);
  • crisis management.

Certain highly specific military training courses, such as detection and disposal of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or critical infrastructure audits, are delivered in cooperation with CIVIPOL, a unit of the Ministry of the Interior. DCI offers on-site audits to evaluate the security of sensitive sites and infrastructure against terrorist threats. To perform these audits, DCI supplies top experts from the French Defence and Interior ministries (Civil Security).

2008 N 148-039