Helicopters (Air)

In partnership with the French forces, along with companies and other entities at the cutting edge of simulator development, DCI elaborates customised programmes for all the members of the helicopter crew (pilots, mechanics, rescue divers).

The goal is to acquire or maintain competences in the operational employment of helicopters in the following sectors:
– Search and Rescue (SAR);
Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR);
– special operations;
– maritime counter-terrorism.

Training takes place either on simulators or on helicopters provided by the client country, in its own facilities. Training can include a wide variety of modules, including tactical flight, flight with NVGs (Night Vision Goggles), deck landing, dropping, cannon firing, cluster insertion/extraction, reconnaissance, snipers, winching (day/night over land/water), under-sling transportation, in-flight refuelling, door gun operation, fast rope, pod operation, formation flying, mountainous terrain. Training is also available in operational utilisation of advanced helicopter modes.

Presentation of the International Helicopter Training Centre
DCI Helicopter International Training Centre (H-ITC) located within French Military Pilots training centres (Dax and Luc-en-Provence), has opened its doors since the end of last…

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