Helicopter crew training and operational maintenance

DCI has premium experience in helicopters and helicopter operations with land, air, naval and homeland security forces.

For training requirements, DCI provides ab-initio pilot training at its international training centre in the French Army Light Aviation School or in the schools of partner countries supported by DCI.

Initial training is complemented by tactical training to acquire or maintain the competence necessary for operational employment of helicopters. Training includes specialised know-how, such as the use of night-vision goggles (NVG) or conducting special missions:

  • SAR (Search and Rescue);
  • CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue);
  • special operations;
  • maritime counter-terrorism.

DCI is deeply involved in helicopter service activities. For over 30 years, the group has offered training and support services to optimise and accelerate the introduction of new models into the fleet. DCI can also coordinate with industry to monitor these helicopters throughout their entire life cycle.

DCI regularly sends aeronautical experts on long-term missions to ensure maintenance of helicopters in several foreign countries, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.