Ground and flight training

In-flight training :

DCI trains crews to use sensors, from data acquisition through to processing:

  • remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operators;
  • operators of reconnaissance and laser designator pods on combat aircraft;
  • maritime patrol operators;
  • helicopter crews (SAR/CSAR/police).

Ground training :

Thanks to the operational experience of its staff, DCI possesses in-depth knowledge in the intelligence and imagery sector.

This experience has been transmitted to more than 18 countries over almost 20 years. More than 1,000 students have been trained across the world.

Today DCI enjoys a close working relationship with the French armed forces thanks to a unique partnership. This means that training offered to foreign students is based on that delivered to the French armed forces.

Military intelligence :

Military intelligence uses different methods to collect and analyse information. The objective is to give orientation and guidance to leaders in support of decision-making. Intelligence is obtained by evaluating data from a large variety of sources (IMINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT and GEOINT). The choice of usable sources depends on the requirements dictated by the mission, the supervisory authority or in response to precise questions which form part of the campaign or operation planning process.

To obtain an informed analysis, it is first necessary to define the requirements of the final recipient of the requested information. These requirements are then integrated into an information collection, analysis and dissemination process.