Fly-by-the-hour services and equipment acquisition support

Fly-by-the-hour services :

DCI offers a flexible fly-by-the-hour (FBH) service using light aircraft equipped with cutting edge sensors. Airborne surveillance missions are directed by experts from the French armed forces, who also ensure interpretation of the collected data.

An example, DCI-Vigie Aviation :

DCI-Vigie Aviation is developing an innovative concept with an all-French solution for the supply of airborne surveillance systems. The service is original, as it is based on latest-generation surveillance equipment integrated onto light aircraft, leading to a real reduction in costs.

DCI also offers fully equipped aircraft, without crew. Platforms can be adapted to individual requirements. Finally, DCI offers leasing solutions with an option to purchase, including full support along with pilot and operator training.

Equipment acquisition support :

DCI can also provide support in defining the needs to implement ISR capabilities:

DCI also offers support extending from definition of requirements through to operation of ISR capacities:

  • selection of aircraft type and specific equipment;
  • determination of the number of personnel needed;
  • support for equipment acquisition from the manufacturers;
  • equipment integration onto the aircraft;
  • full support during capacity ramp-up;
  • aircraft and equipment operational maintenance.
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