Electronic warfare Air Force

DCI offers a broad range of  electronic warfare ‘s training courses, which are regularly updated to keep pace with technological progress.

Recent military history shows that control of the electromagnetic spectrum is a factor contributing to the success of modern air operations. This control presupposes that electronic warfare operating personnel are thoroughly familiar with the electromagnetic spectrum.

Thanks to close cooperation with the top French industry experts in this sector (Thales, MBDA, Lacroix…), DCI offers training courses that combine an operational approach with technological innovations.

Based on a solid experience in operational employment of electronic warfare, DCI provides training for future EW officers and operational units in the French armed forces (Air Force, naval aviation, and Army light aviation).

The Electronic Warfare department also offers military training services for countries friendly with France. More than 180 training sessions have been conducted for around 25 countries. More than 1,600 trainees from the Middle East, Latin America, North Africa and Southeast Asia, have benefited from the competences and know-how of this department.