Electronic Warfare Training

In the Electronic Warfare (EW) sector, DCI offers technical training with a strong operational emphasis, constantly updated to keep pace with technological advances. The training is based on close cooperation with top experts from major defence and security groups like Thales, MBDA or Lacroix. Thus, since June 2015, DCI and Thales have teamed to provide high-level training services and propose a catalogue containing several shared training modules.

For many years, DCI has been involved in initial electronic warfare training for officers and NCOs in operational units of the French armed forces (Air Force, Naval Aviation and Army Aviation), and personnel working for joint force units.

DCI also offers training for countries that are friendly with France. Trainees from the Middle East, South America, North Africa and Southeast Asia have enjoyed the benefits of DCI competences and know-how in this sector. This is a highly specific sector that is key to the conduct of modern air operations.


Electronic Warfare Training
The Electronic Warfare (EW) department of DCI provides training updated to keep pace with technological developments in hardware and software, through close cooperation with leading…

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