Tactical Drones Training

DCI offers training courses in the field of drones whose spectrum fully covers the needs of land users and the needs of decision makers to enable them to better understand this emerging area of activity.

In the land sector, DCI offers:
Training in the operational use of lightweight tactical drones in reconnaissance/intelligence detection of objectives for ground forces.

These courses are taken as variable-term courses of 4 to 8 weeks according to client needs and are conducted in partnership with land forces, including the Land Forces Tactical Drones Training Center in Chaumont.

In this context, DCI transfers the know-how of armed forces acquired during the most recent conflicts (Mali, Central Africa) by transferring implementation techniques in the field of management, research, intelligence and completion of files of objectives. These techniques are then applied during full scale field exercises after instruction is provided on tactical simulations (VBS3, Janus).

DCI-COFRAS has been training for two years now the Qatari armed forces participating in the increased activity of a unit of drones attached to a multi-sensor intelligence battalion.

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