Cyber Defense training courses

The CyberDefence Management Institute (CDMI) offers a broad range of essential training courses to acquire Cyber-Protection, Cyber-Detection and Cyber-Response capabilities.

Cyber-Protection training includes academic and technical courses. They are designed to help trainees understand and design prevention and protection solutions. They cover technical aspects as well as governance (organisation, processes, procedures) and operational usage. Cyberdefence training covers the entire information system security sector.

Cyber-Detection training covers discovery, implementation, and control of detection and pre-planned response processes. System architecture, tuning and big data are also addressed.

Cyber-Response training covers governance (chain of command), advanced forensics, interventions, cold planning, operations and management of operations. Operations-oriented training focuses on coordination between cybercommand officers and groups of technical experts confronted with a realistic environment. Tactical planning, and technical and command-level coordination are essential to achieving the objectives. A crisis management exercise is used to evaluate the chain of command in terms of procedures, Battle Rhythm, briefing and decision-making.