Cyber Defense training and consulting

DCI’s CyberDefence Management Institute (CDMI) offers academic or personalised training courses, as well as exercises and operational training.
The CDMI possesses top class human and technical resources. A full IT platform ensures that participants benefit from a realistic environment and scenarios.

Operational training is based on research and development work and includes the latest advances in military operating modes: chain of command, technical chain, planning and conducting operations.
DCI also relies on the Cyberdefence Pole of Excellence. In developing its academic training courses, it uses techniques that are representative of the corporate environment.

Training is a key element in understanding future cyberdefence capabilities. DCI’s objective is to offer friendly countries solutions to facilitate the design of operational architectures.

Cyberdefence training covers the following capabilities:

  • prevention and protection;
  • detection and management of incidents;
  • responses and interventions.

DCI offers a broad range of training courses. They address today’s need to acquire an increasingly demanding skill set, using increasingly innovative solutions. They also cover management aspects.

Finally, DCI can transfer training resources and provide manpower support to maintain knowledge and know-how in the defence sector.