Cyber defense consulting

Consultancy is a key element offered to friendly companies seeking to acquire cyberdefence capabilities. The management of an acquisition programme requires methodological know-how.

Support covers the different phases of programme management requiring the application of specific cyberdefence requirements. Design requires high-level technical expertise (and the ability to anticipate), as well as the conventional set of programme management skills.

Our cyberdefence consultancy services offer expert guidance for the following phases:
– preliminary studies (can include CONOPS);
– drafting the technical-operational requirement;
– technical and interface specifications;
– bid analysis and supplier selection;
– project management, subcontractor oversight;
– testing, validation, qualification and acceptance;
– operational deployment.

Our analysis methods are based on a global interactive approach. They include collaborative workshop sessions. A BattleLab (CyLab) platform is used to facilitate the conceptual representation and the assimilation of the complexity of the systems and operational architectures.