Military training courses : conduct of operations

DCI’s training courses in the conduct of operations aim to enable armed forces to reinforce the capacities of their land-based units. Modelled on the French armed forces and incorporating feedback from the latest operations in the Middle East and Africa, they are built on a global, coherent capacity-based approach.

Training courses are prepared by ex-military personnel who have acquired irrefutable competence in the course of careers essentially focused on the operational employment of units. These experts offer their comprehensive knowledge of concepts of operations and doctrines implemented in national and multinational general staffs or at NATO, for all types of operations.

This expertise is permanently supplemented through frequent contacts with the French armed forces. This ensures that DCI offers foreign armed forces and friends of France a broad range of military training courses. They are guaranteed to match the requirements expressed by elementary units, battalions or regiments, as well as high-level general staffs.


Land forces: deterrence, protection, prevention and crisis management, emergency operations on home territory, coalition operations led by the European Union or NATO.

Homeland security forces: policing and restoring order, protection and defence of sensitive sites, convoy escort and anti-terrorism.

These military training courses are based on a rigorous process, which ensures successful results:

  • in-depth studies of the needs of each armed force;
  • preparation of appropriate documentation;
  • organisation of exercises involving the full range of general staff techniques and using simulation systems in service with the French forces.
2006 N 497-041