Commercial and military diving training

DCI offers customised training, assistance and consultancy solutions in France or abroad. Objective: support development of capacities and competences in military or professional diving.
In France, DCI training courses take place at the International Centre for Military Diver Training (CIF-PM) near Toulon, on the Mediterranean.

All Diver training is based on the know-how of the French armed forces and on long experience in professional diving.

Training covers:
• use of military and professional diving equipment under water;
• operational use of equipment in the sectors of competence of the French forces.

Military and professional diver training covers the full range of specialties, which are mostly military:
• fleet diver, rescue swimmer;
• mine clearance diver;
• Special Forces diver.

Training takes place in France and/or at the customer’s facilities and includes:
• classroom teaching (theory);
• underwater diving activities using different types of equipment, to a depth of 80 metres;
• on shore and underwater handling of munitions with explosives;
• use of specific equipment: hyperbaric chamber, underwater tools, sonar …