The French institute for aviation safety

The French Institute for Aviation Safety (IFSA) trains civil and military personnel in charge of aviation security.
Training covers prevention, human factors and air incident and accident investigations.

Instruction is constantly updated and takes account of the latest advances in Operational Risk Management (ORM) and Safety Management Systems (SMS).

The Institute has already welcomed more than 8,000 trainees from around 100 countries working in all sectors of aviation safety: airlines and operators, aeronautical manufacturers, pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, engineering staff, employees and managers from civil and military aeronautical administrations, civil agencies and organisations (airports and authorities), insurance companies, aeronautical lawyers and experts, armed forces, etc.


DCI at Paris Air Show 2017: Flight Safety & Crew Management
Founded in 1987, the French Institute for Aviation Safety (IFSA), a Défense Conseil International (DCI) training centre, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. The…

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