Airbone forces and troops training

DCI’s land forces section offers armed forces of countries friendly with France a broad selection of training courses for airborne forces. Based on several years’ experience in this sector, DCI trains officers and NCOs earmarked for service in parachute units. This high-level training relies on the competences of experts from the French armed forces. Services are customised to the specific organisation and equipment of the customer country.

  • Training for section leaders:
    • Basic/advanced training to prepare trainees to lead a parachute section on combat missions in hostile territory, on foot, day and night. Introduction to personnel and equipment organisation and management.
  • Training for unit commanders:
    • Training of company commanders from airborne forces to lead any kind of combat mission, whatever the insertion mode.
  • Training for battalion- and brigade-level planning:
    • Training focused on understanding the operational functions of general staff officers: knowledge of the organisation and conduct of operational functions using the MRT tactical decision-making method, drafting operational orders, etc.

Training is also offered for specialist skills in the airborne forces sector:

  • Cluster insertion/extraction jumpmaster:
    • Training in the different types of airdrop and insertion/extraction techniques from helicopters, day and night.
  • Additional close combat training:
    • Close combat or self-defence techniques.
  • Additional reconnaissance training:
    • Reinforcing the company’s tactical capacities with respect to advanced reconnaissance.
  • Parachute training (high-altitude jumps, day and night, from 12,000-24,000 feet, with combat pack, weapons and oxygen equipment to become an operational high-altitude parachutist with oxygen):
    • parachutist monitor,
    • operational high-altitude parachutist instructor,
    • parachute maintenance,
    • jumpmaster and head jumpmaster.