Air mobility (rotary)

The Air Mobility Department is responsible for offering foreign friendlies armies a range of training courses adapted to the maintenance and use of helicopters according to rules governing use in force in the French armed forces.

These offers may be proposed in your country or in France, including through the International Helicopter Training Centre based in the Army Light Aviation Schools in Dax and Luc en Provence.

3 main training and maintenance components can be defined with a range of specialized offers:

Ab Initio (1 year – France or desired country – English)
• 3 Phases: Ground theory/ basic flying / advanced flying.
• Award of a “Military Helicopter Pilot License” for trainees.

Instructor (4 months – France or desired country – English)
• Complete training for pilots wishing to acquire instruction skills.

NVG flying (5 weeks – France or desired country – English)


Commander / Patrol Commander (4 months – France or desired country – English)
• 3 specializations: Reconnaissance, Attack, Transport and Assault

Night flying (6 weeks – France or desired country – English)

Mountain flying (4 weeks – France or desired country – English)

Combat flying (8 weeks – France or desired country – English)

IR flying (variable term – France or desired country – English)

Winch Specialization (variable term – France or desired country – English or desired language*)

The Air Academy project offer proposed by DCI aims to establish, in your country, a military training school in helicopter flight. This type of project, carried out in close collaboration with requesting military authorities, is in complete accordance with the policy of Armed Forces aiming to empower and acquire new skills for their pilots.

They undergo training under the standards of excellence of the Army Light Aviation (ALAT) while working on aircraft provided by their Army and taking parallel academic training culminating in a Bachelor’s Degree.
The objective is to train, in agreement with your country, a regular stream of trainee pilots according to a training structure:

  • Updating aviation and academic English – term: variable up to 1 year.
  • Ab initio pilot training – term: between 10 and 12 months:

– 3 phases:

a) Ground theory phase

b) Basic flying phase

c) Advanced flying phase

– Advanced training with 2 specialized modules – term: variable:
a) Tactical Flying

b) NVG Flying


  • Parallel academic training at “Bachelor’s in Aeronautics” level – term: 3 years

The Air Academy is under the command of the local military authority and supported by DCI. The partnership is based on the model of “mixed teaching staff” (training pilots, university professors and logistical support lecturers) under the responsibility of a DCI detachment commander working closely with local military authorities.

School numbers are adjusted according to your requirements and the size of classes trained each year. At the end of their course, students are awarded a “Military Helicopter Pilot License” and a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautics.

Following the setting up of the model for a partner country, several Armed Forces have already expressed interest in this structure, which combines training under the standards of excellence of the French Army and progressive empowerment of educational structures in the beneficiary country.

International Helicopter Training Centre
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