Air combat and fighter pilot training

DCI offers cutting edge operational training for fighter pilots, transport aircraft pilots and navigator/weapon systems officers.

For several years, DCI has offered a course organised in French Air Force training centres with a view to qualifying as a pilot (fighter or transport aircraft) or navigator/weapon systems officer. Combat aircraft training, in English, takes place with squadrons at:
– Salon de Provence, for the initial phases of pilot training and navigator/weapon systems officer training;

– Cognac, Tours and Cazaux, for the final phases of fighter aircraft training;
– Avord, for the final phases of transport aircraft training.

DCI uses e-training to prepare trainee weapon systems officers prior to arrival. This allows individuals to get ready in their home country at their own rhythm.

In order to maximise the chances of foreign trainees during training, DCI offers support for academic and physical selection of future crew, in coordination with the French Air Force and the French armed forces medical service.

Finally, in partnership with the French Air Force, DCI develops management solutions for the employment of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and the training of pilots and operators of RPAs.