Aeronautical training centres for operational training

From planning operational missions through to their execution (at the operational and strategic level), DCI offers consultancy and training services in the aeronautical training centres of the French armed forces.

In the specific sector of air campaigns and joint force campaigns, DCI offers different levels of training: from operators to section heads in a multinational joint force general staff (or a multinational joint forces air component). High-level seminars are also proposed, centred on joint force and inter-allied operating scenarios.

DCI also provides operational air training of the different stakeholders on the ground supporting the success of air operations:

  • with respect to air campaigns at the operational level, DCI proposes training courses for advisors on the operational employment of RPAs and for C4ISR (Command Control Communications Computers Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) analysts;
  • with respect to airspace management, DCI offers training for air defence air traffic controllers (basic and advanced training), air surveillance operators or airspace managers;
  • with respect to force protection or support, DCI offers training for air defence system operators.