Aeronautical operational training

DCI’s aeronautical and operational training covers the full range of competences of French naval aviation – from ab initio training through to customised specialised courses.

This operational training on the employment of aeronautical equipment is intended for:
• helicopter crews;
• maritime patrol aircraft crews;
• flight deck crews on surface ships;
• tactical controllers on surface ships;
• mission planning and monitoring support crew
• pilots;
• tactical coordinators;
• detector operators (Radar, IMINT, ELINT, COMINT, ACINT);
• winch operators;
• divers/rescue swimmers

• maritime search and rescue (SAR);
• surface warfare;
• submarine warfare;
• maritime surveillance;
• government action at sea.

Specific courses:
• flying with night vision goggles (NVG);
• helicopter deck landing;
• survival at sea.

Operational training takes place on the ground and in flight, in France and/or at the customer’s facilities:
• classroom and simulator training (flying and tactics);
• in flight, on generic aircraft or aircraft supplied by the customer.

Specific courses:
• night vision goggle (NVG) flying;
• deck-landing;
• survival at sea.

Aeronautical training is provided on the ground and in the air in France and/or at the client’s premises:

• instruction in class and on a simulator (steering and tactical);
• on generic aircraft or on client aircraft.

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