Why join DCI?

DCI has over 1,000 employees coming largely from French armed forces and civil world. Thus DCI is combining two cultures: civil and military with a logic of performance and innovation associated with general interest to take part in France projection abroad.

To provide our services, we are looking for defence experts with a first career in the armed forces. We are operating in Arabian Gulf countries and in South-East Asia but also in our training centres in France, mainly in Brest, Coëtquidan, Dax, Draguignan, Salon de Provence and Toulon.

DCI positions are diverse and we are recruiting over 400 persons per year, mainly pilots and mechanics, but also artillery and infantry experts, naval experts and many other specialities. We offer them instructors and project managers positions. We are helping them to acquire the skills related to their new positions and to acculturate to company world. Indeed, the ability to adapt to private company operation remains challenging for the military personnel joining us.

To support growth, we are also recruiting legal, financial, human resource workforce along with French Arabic interpreters.

We are also hiring youngsters coming out of business schools, for example, or combining work and study to get their first work experience.

DCI wealth stems from this profiles diversity and a continued high skill level.

Joining DCI is:

• engaging in a new operational career in France or abroad;
• joining a booming private group placing human resources at the core of its activities;
• being part of a group enlivened by general interest combined with strong intercultural diversity and conquest spirit, with both continuing and discontinuing elements from military career and its codes.


National Defence partner as of October 2011, DCI is pursuing its strategy to cooperate with the ministry of the armed forces and armed forces human resources in former military personnel conversion.

DCI has just been recognised among the 500 best employers in France in 2016 by Capital magazine, associated with studies institute Statista, for its employees excellence and well-being at work.

You can consult our job offers and submit your application by clicking here.