Défense Conseil International (DCI), reference operator for France’s ministry of Armed Forces for the transfer of French military know-how around the world, attends Govware exhibition in Singapore from 19th to 21st September in line with its on-going development in Asia.

Create an autonomous cyber capability: a major stake for South-East Asian countries

Given their development level, South-East Asian countries are facing cyber issues similar to the ones encountered by Western countries. Their awareness regarding these emerging threats comes with a willingness to create a completely autonomous response capability, which is what DCI is proposing them. Thus, trainings develop abilities to prevent, to protect, to detect and to manage incidents along with reactions and interventions.

For example, to meet such expectation, DCI delivered last year an operational training for a South-East Asian country in the field of reverse engineering and malwares analysis as part of cyberdefence cooperation.” highlights Jean-Michel Palagos, DCI Chairman and CEO.

French cyber excellence benefiting France partners countries

Building on the French Cyber Excellence centre, of which DCI is vice-chair for international affairs, the company develops efficient technical means integrating the latest evolutions of military operating modes: commanding chains, technical chains, operations preparation and conduct.

DCI offers include customised and tailor-made trainings based on operational exercises and practices. Since the creation of its cyber section in 2014, DCI regularly participates to DEFNET exercise and is a partner of the Cyber West Challenge, a French contest for start-ups in the cyber sector .