At the 2017 Paris Air Show, the French Institute for Aviation Safety (IFSA), which is a Défense Conseil International training centre, and the French Defence Air Accident Investigation and Safety Board (BEAD Air) are signing an agreement to explore potential synergies to reinforce general aeronautical safety in training and simulation for air accident investigations.

The IFSA, which was created 30 years ago and is internationally recognized in the prevention and investigation of aviation accidents, participates in the training of the BEAD Air personnel. This agreement is an acknowledgement of the quality of that training. The IFSA is the only institute of its kind in France. Its training programmes, which constitute an integral part of the Safety Management Systems, are constantly updated. The IFSA offers modular training that can be tailored to the customer requirements.

Beyond its contribution to the training of official French accident investigators, the IFSA trains official investigators of several nationalities in French, English or Spanish. French companies with activities in the defence sector, like Airbus, ATR, Safran and Dassault, also use the services of IFSA.