Défense Conseil International, the reference operator for the transfer of the French armed forces’ know-how, has invested in a DA42 aircraft to expand its offer in airborne ISR. This aircraft also has an aeronautical training role used for close air support training of foreign trainees. It will be used for aeronautical maintenance training of student maintenance technicians.

DA42, an appropriate teaching aid for close air support in a complex environment

Four trainees from a partner country of France came to Nancy Ochey Air Base to learn the fundamental notions of close air support in a geographical environment that is more complex than their home country. Supported by three instructors, all ex-military experts in this sector, the trainees acquired initial close air support capacities in accordance with French Air Force standards at the Franco-German close air support training centre, whose competences are combat proven.

The DA42 is the most appropriate training solution for this purpose: as well as being more economical than a fighter aircraft, it is rugged and enables trainees to rapidly acquire the fundamental notions of close air support, including knowledge of phraseology and basic close air support procedures.

Real-world aeronautical maintenance training

In another sector of aeronautical expertise, the French Defence Aeronautical Institute (FDAI), a training structure jointly created by DCI and Dassault Aviation, is offering ab initio theoretical and practical training in all the specialties of aeronautical maintenance featuring cutting-edge innovations and technological excellence. Around 150 trainees are attending the FDAI in 2017. Instructors have designed and implemented a technical training course that introduces the young trainees to the reality of work on the flight line, including work on a DA42-type aircraft on the ground and in flight.

To complement the theoretical training and offer added value for trainees essentially centred on training related to flight safety reflexes relative to an aircraft on the flight line, the use of the DCI DA42 in real conditions allows realistic practical work to be performed. Training includes all aspects relating to the aircraft environment on the flight line: reception, refuelling, release to service, minor repairs, check flights, etc.

Training includes flying time to allow the trainees to better understand the constraints relating to the preparation of aircraft on the flight line, with particular emphasis on aspects related to flight safety.