Défense Conseil International, the reference operator for the transfer of French armed forces know-how, particularly concerning the activities of the French Air Force through its DCI-AIRCO department, is signing an industrial and commercial partnership with Price Induction. DCI and Price Induction – a specialist in the design of innovative compact turbofans and civil and military aeronautical propulsion training solutions – aim to jointly develop teaching scenarios based on the PART 66 aeronautical training licence, on the one hand, and to jointly promote their respective product lines, on the other.


A fast-evolving simulation teaching aid: the WESTT BV66

DCI and Price Induction have enjoyed long-term commercial relations. In 2013, for its training projects, DCI acquired several simulation stations from Price Induction to visualise the operation of an engine in dynamic 3D format and to simulate engine performance in real time using very realistic scenarios. Another Price Induction solution acquired by DCI in 2016, is the WESTT BV66 digital station, which can be used to display certain complex teaching modules, based on computer graphics animated by the instructor or by the students themselves. This partnership will enable DCI and Price Induction to improve the WESTT BV66 by developing the different airworthiness modules (EASA/Part 66; DSAé/FRA 661).

To do this, DCI and Price Induction will pool their teaching, operational and technical know-how, as well as the human and material resources necessary for the success of the project.


1 – Licences relating to maintaining airworthiness of military and government aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and equipment and relating to the approval of organisms and personnel involved in these tasks.