Défense Conseil International, the reference operator for the transfer of the French armed forces’ know-how, is pursuing its efforts to constantly enhance its various training centres. Considerable investments have been made in instructional tools, at the cutting edge of innovation and technological excellence, for training courses in the different aviation professions, particularly maintenance.

DCI is committed to the success of all its trainees

“The classrooms of our aviation profession training centres – CIF-AA, CIF-H, and the French Defence Aeronautical Institute (FDAI) – have been fully renovated and are now all up to ‘Next Generation’ standard. The centres also provide each trainee with portable computer tools, particularly so that they can be given assistance during revision periods. This support enables us to report an almost 100% success rate, the key to the trusting relationship we have had with France’s partner countries for 45 years”, says Jean-Michel Palagos, CEO of DCI.

Because trainee success is part of DCI’s DNA, the company has indeed invested extensively to modernise its training tools. With classroom conversion to digital technology, they are all now equipped with interactive white boards and an efficient Wi-Fi network. The teaching methods have been reviewed to fully harness the potential of these tools and particularly a whole panel of illustrations (animated diagrams, films, etc.) which help the trainee understand and assimilate what they learn.

Supporting the centres’ acceleration

Simulators have also been put in place to improve understanding and facilitate and speed up the transition to hands-on application. One of these simulators, purchased from the French company Price Induction, offers dynamic 3D viewing of how a reactor works with the possibility of simulating its performances in real time based on very realistic scenarios. Another digital station, developed by the same company, serves to illustrate certain complex teaching modules, based on computer graphics animated by the instructor or by the students themselves. DCI has also entered into a real partnership with this young, particularly innovative company with a view to developing other interactive scenarios.

These investments for next-generation training are part of the performance strategy that definitely inspires the FDAI. Founded in 2003 by Dassault Aviation and Defense Conseil International, the FDAI runs classroom and hands-on training courses in all aviation maintenance specialities. The syllabuses are developed jointly with the French Air Force and are taught at the airbase 721 in Rochefort-sur-Mer (Saint-Agnant). The FDAI therefore carries the “French Armed Forces Training” label much sought-after by France’s partner countries. This year, the institute will accommodate some 150 international students for specialist ab initio training in platforms, avionics and weapon systems.