Défense Conseil International (DCI), the reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence for the transfer of French military know-how to international partners, is welcoming 10 Kuwaiti cadets to its International Academic and Aeronautical Training Centre (CIF-AA) in Salon de Provence.

Training built on excellence in the transfer of military know-how

The CIF-AA offers high-level academic and military training for students from friendly countries. It comprises foundation courses in science and languages (French), as well as sports and military studies, including field exercises. Following this initial phase of training, in May the vast majority of cadets will be eligible to specialize as helicopter pilots at the International Helicopter Training Centre (CIF-H) in Dax.

Training takes place in a military setting on the Salon-de-Provence air base, in full coordination with the French Air Force Academy. Inaugurated in July 2016, the CIF-AA has been fully refurbished to welcome students in the best possible conditions and provide modern training courses based on the digital transformation of teaching resources. The centre features 10 “New Generation” classrooms with interactive whiteboards, four language labs and an engine simulator bench. The environment is particularly appreciated by students, who have access to a full range of facilities providing the best conditions for success.

45 years of partnership with Kuwait: another vote of confidence

This helicopter pilot training contract is the continuation of efforts by the Kuwaiti general staff to reinforce its resources in helicopter, fighter and transport pilots. It follows training in these areas initiated in 2014 and 2015, during which 56 cadets were trained or are in the process of being so.

“Beyond this helicopter training, I would like to underline the excellent relations we have developed during our 45-year partnership with Kuwait,” declared Jean-Michel Palagos, Chairman and CEO of DCI. “Altogether we have already trained more than 300 Kuwaiti officers since 1995. In 2016, 175 Kuwaiti officers were trained in France. We are very proud of this new vote of confidence from Kuwait. It reflects the efforts we make every year to ensure the excellence of our training courses and our teaching support.”



About DCI

DCI’s mission is to transfer French military know-how to the armed forces of nations friendly with France. DCI is the reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence, offering services that are certified “French Forces Training”. For over 40 years, it has been present across all the aspects of defence and national security services, offering Consulting, Training and Technical Assistance. Through its capacity-based approach, DCI offers countries that are friendly with France customised solutions for personnel training and equipment maintenance. In addition to its Paris headquarters, DCI operates several international training centres throughout France. It also has bases outside France: in Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in Asia with Malaysia, Singapore and India. DCI is continuing to expand internationally with innovative, high added-value services through the development of new partnerships. With its 986 employees, the DCI Group achieved in 2015 a turnover of 227.5 million euros.

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