Winners of the Cyber West Challenge

Mr Fulup Ar Foll – IOT BZH

for his automotive connected device protection project

Mr Jean-François Legendre – GWAGENN

in electronic warfare and iot infrastructure

Launched in June 2016, the CYBER WEST CHALLENGE contest for start-ups in the cyber sector, rewards two winners, IOT BZH and GWAGENN. It also honours the project presented by Léo Seiler, a student from Saint-Malo.

By rewarding these top-quality projects, CYBER WEST CHALLENGE fosters the emergence of high-potential innovative start-ups in the cyber sector in the Morbihan area. The success of this first CYBER WEST CHALLENGE contributes to the outreach of Morbihan and Brittany, and spotlights its assets, in the Cyber environment in particular: R&D capacities, cyber-security dedicated academic courses, dynamic technology clusters, and presence of the French Army and large industrial groups in the region.

Two innovative projects bringing a forward-looking vision of cyber in Morbihan

IOT BZH: a service start-up for connected device protection in the automotive sector. TheIoTbzh  security model has been selected by AGL in June 2016. AGL (Automotive-Grade-Linux) created by Toyota is one of the two global automotive consortia which are working on Linux for automotive. IOT BZH has prospects for development in the automotive industry, particularly in Europe and the US, but also in other forms of transport (maritime and aviation) and potential military applications.

GWAGENN: an IOT software development and consulting start-up. Based in Saint-Malo, it has developed Gwaves_IED, for electronic warfare, and Gwaves_IOT, a software program designed to optimise and plan network infrastructures that enable connected devices to communicate. Gwagenn provides industrial manufacturers and large corporations with expertise and software for network infrastructure design, development and deployment. It is thus destined to become a key player in the future IOT landscape thanks to its contribution to infrastructure.

Special prize for a young student

In addition, the judges of the Cyber West Challenge decided to honour Léo Seiler, a 21-year-old student. Although not a winner, his project truly caught the judges’ attention, for its daring spirit. He presented BridgeOpener, a program that separates part of an IT network (storage and production workstations for example) from the internet to reduce potential threats to a company’s data and system. Léo Seilier developed his concept on his own during a traineeship with a small company. The judges therefore congratulate him and encourage all young people to pursue their passions so fully!

Dedicated support to make these projects work

Thanks to the CYBER WEST CHALLENGE, the two winning projects will receive support that may lead to an investment in the start-up, according to the contest rules. They will also be hosted in a business incubator in Vannes or Lorient for a year and will benefit from a research trip to a prestigious British university in the Cyber sector.

On top of this prize, the winners of CYBER WEST CHALLENGE are given the opportunity to join its extensive network of partners, all outstanding in their field: industry, services, training, defence and economic development.

Further personalised support will be provided by the CYBER WEST CHALLENGE partners, i.e. Défense Conseil International (DCI), SFLD (a Lorient-based venture capital firm) and DCNS, in the form of investments in the winning start-ups, as well as by Audelor, the technology cluster in Lorient and contest organiser, and Vipe, the technology cluster in Vannes.

The other contest partners are the Piriou group, Diateam, the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Schools, ACE management, Thales, the Caisse des Dépôts, the Morbihan Prefecture, ANSSI, Victanis, UBS and Crédit Agricole du Morbihan. The number and quality of these partners reflects the contest’s success as a real forum for meetings, dialogue and interaction in the cyber sector.

Picture Michel Jamoneau