OCEA, DCI and ECA unveil their joint solution offering mine-hunting, risk control and effectiveness for naval forces

The solution proposed to naval forces comprises:

  • A ship designed by OCEA that offers better protection of the crew and the value of ships and on-board systems by enhancing the natural properties of aluminium; it thus offers “enhanced survival potential”.
  • An Unmanned Mine-Counter-Measure System (UMS) developed by ECA comprising autonomous, remotely operated drones and a dedicated mission management system for performing mine-hunting operations more rapidly than with traditional solutions and avoiding the need for personnel to enter the minefield.
  • An operating concept, along with training and support services, developed by Défense Conseil International (DCI), an expert in mine-hunting, in the operation of unmanned systems and in the transfer of the competence of the French Navy to foreign navies. DCI guarantees the effectiveness of the solution and its safe operation over time.

With this solution, OCEA, DCI and ECA offer naval forces an effective mine warfare capability with reduced risk to crews and systems deployed.

This solution will also be of interest to insurance companies working with private contractors or decision-makers from states that provide their own insurance for military applications.