Working under contract to DCNS, DCI has trained the first crew for the Tahya Misr FREMM multi-mission frigate and the first two crews for the Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anouar-El-Sadat amphibious assault ships.

The DCI group assumed responsibility for training the Egyptian crews of the multi-mission frigate and the two amphibious assault ships acquired by Cairo in 2015. These ships are modern but complex. DCI, in cooperation with the French Navy, supported the Egyptian Navy for several months as the crews underwent familiarisation with the ships and learned how to operate them safely.

DCI Chairman and CEO Jean-Michel Palagos declared: “The DCI group is proud to have trained the first crews for the Egyptian FREMM frigates and amphibious assault ships in coordination with the French Navy. This activity further reinforces the close links that exist between DCI and DCNS in training crews for first-rate ships or submarines and which have come into play on several occasions in the past.”

The demand for quality training has become even greater due to the increasing complexity of the equipment. DCI strives to highlight the know-how of the French Navy and offers real added value for French companies aiming at the export market. DCI’s support for DCNS in training the Egyptian crews to their full satisfaction thus provides an example of successful cooperation.