Défense Conseil International expands training programmes with new offering in mine warfare and underwater interventions

Défense Conseil International (DCI) offers its expertise in mine warfare and underwater interventions to friendly foreign armed forces. DCI has recently extended its offering in the mine warfare sector by proposing training associated with modern, innovative systems that can be deployed from a dedicated ship or remotely operated: surface drones, underwater drones, towed sonar, data processing systems, simulators.

Since 2003, the International Centre for Military Diver Training (CIF-PM) operated by DCI has offered underwater training to countries friendly with France.

The training programmes offer foreign military personnel the opportunity to acquire military diving competences, as well as new capacities to perform mine warfare or underwater intervention operations. They also include acquisition of know-how for mine-clearing operations on land. Like all DCI training programmes, training is based on the military diving experience and expertise of the French armed forces.

DCI is committed to proposing the expertise of its instructors to friendly foreign forces in mine warfare (mine-sweeping and mine-hunting) and in the protection or surveillance of ports, maritime approaches and sensitive installations. Training can be delivered to the partner navy on site or in DCI’s facilities at the International Centre for Military Diver Training (CIF-PM) near Toulon.