DCI recently completed a one-week training course financed by the European Commission to teach 12 trainees from three European countries – Kosovo, Macedonia and Moldovia – how to use a Security Information Management System (SIEM).

Tailored courses based on operational training and exercises raise participants’ awareness of cyber security issues. DCI’s Cyber activity is positioned in the technico-operational training market segment where technical know-how is placed in a day-to-day context, in order to achieve an operational objective.

Trainees had access to a full IT platform simulating an environment with realistic scenarios to facilitate the elaboration of operational architectures. The 12 trainees worked on prevention and protection in the event of an attack, incident detection and management, and the appropriate responses.

The training was organised as part of the “Enhancing cybersecurity in Southeast Europe” (ENCYSEC) project financed by the Instrument contributing to Security and Peace (IcSP). The purpose of this project is to help three countries from Eastern Europe and the Balkans (Kosovo, Macedonia and Moldovia) to establish national cyber security strategies, to reinforce their capacity to create Computer Emergency Readiness Teams (CERTs) and to enhance international cooperation.

ENCYSEC is led by Expertise France, the French agency for international technical cooperation, in partnership with Civipol Conseil.

“I am very pleased to see the growing interest in our cyber training programmes from countries friendly with France,” DCI Chairman and CEO Jean-Michel Palagos declared. “DCI offers to transfer training resources and human support to develop know-how in cyber defence. Our wide range of training programmes responds perfectly to current needs to acquire competences and create solutions, as well as meeting management and command requirements.”