A new graduating class from the Naval Academy Training Courses for non-French-speaking Foreign Officers (CENOE), comprising cadets from the naval forces of Kuwait (20 students) and Qatar (6 students), has received initial naval officers’ insignia. During this military ceremony, presided by Commodore Benoît Lugan, commanding officer of the Naval Academy and the Poulmic schools, the students received their officers’ epaulettes.

The CENOE, managed by DCI-NAVFCO, has offered training for non-French-speaking foreign student officers in close partnership with the French Navy since 1995. The four-year course provides foreign cadets with military, maritime and scientific training. On returning to their home countries, they are ready to serve as officer of the deck, engineering officer of the watch or department head on small ships.

Maritime training covers all aspects of their future job function, whether in navigation or in engineering. Since 2013, training at sea has been carried out on the Almak, a maritime training vessel operated by navOcéan, a subsidiary of DCI and Piriou, which can accommodate groups of around 10 students.

DCI Chairman and CEO Jean-Michel Palagos declared: “Academic training plays a key role in building a military elite. DCI has made it a cornerstone of its activity thanks to more than 30 years’ experience in training and technical support for foreign naval forces. Countries like Kuwait and Qatar trust us to train their future officers. We take great pride in this and we are determined to pursue these successful partnerships in cooperation with the French Navy.”