ISO 9001 Certification granted to DCI Qatar permanent office and to the French Defence Aeronautical Institute (FDAI)

DCI is announcing that the quality management system of its permanent office in Qatar was granted an ISO 9001 certificate. The certification of this structure is adding to DCI perimeter already certified covering its headquarters in Paris, Toulon, Cherbourg, Brest and Draguignan training centres and its representative offices in the United Arab Emirates and in Saudi Arabia.

The progressive certification of DCI permanent offices abroad marks the company determination to develop synergies and contributes to its activities performance enhancement objective.

“The progressive extension of certification to multiple DCI sites evidences the team will to put their action in an improvement process. This certification demonstrates DCI commitment to put customer satisfaction at the heart of its strategy”, recalls Jean-Michel Palagos, DCI Chairman and CEO.

Likewise, the French Defence Aeronautical Institute, resulting from a long term partnership between Dassault Aviation and DCI-AIRCO, in close cooperation with the French Air Force, was also granted its ISO 9001 certification.

The FDAI is teaching in English young trainees the basics of aeronautical maintenance in the three main specialities of military aeronautical technicians (vector, avionics and weaponry). ISO 9001 certification of this structure is the best illustration of this three-party collaboration which has enabled the implementation of a robust, traceable, adapted to trainees, modern and scalable training process.

The certifications were granted by AFNOR Certification, French leader and one of the first global certification organisms, renowned for its ethics and its experience.

“I have been impressed by the exceptional service quality I discovered at the FDAI. I also stress the quality of the training provided, the educational methods, the tools and all the infrastructures deployed within these trainings. “The FDAI goes beyond training with an exhaustive support for trainees which is key to their success.” commends Patricia Deles, AFNOR auditor.